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Highly inspirational luxurious floral scarves.

What’s about flowers?


Let us share our passion for Russian culture and fashion with you!

What’s about flowers?



For many designers around the world flowers has became a source of inspiration. Especially throughout last few years floral trend can be admired more and more on fashion scene, although floral patterns originated from Russia stayed noticeably dominant. This fact should not be surprising as these patterns were created in late 18th century and became traditional in Russia. Talented designers from Pavlovsky Posad manufactory since 1795 are still successfully improving those floral masterpieces and create famous woolen Russian shawls with handmade fringes. Historically, Russian women love these shawls which are not only impressive pieces of art but also natural and warm accessories that will make any owner feel gorgeous even in severe Russian winters.

Let’s get surrounded by these vivid flowers and flood everyone’s life with colors, positivity, and health.

Falling for floral fashion with us?